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New 2019 Antares 7 Handover

Spirit Marine were very proud to hand-over a brand new Antares 7 with 175HP Mercury fitted by Nitro Marine to her new owners Nina and Jeff yesterday.

Nina and Jeff first came to Spirit Marine a year ago to have a look at a Barracuda 7.  They decided to put their purchase on hold for a while and came along to the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show this last May to have another look at the Barracuda 7 but were super impressed by its cousin the Antares 7 and signed up on the spot.  Spirit Marine put together a comprehensive package including trailer, safety gear, registration and insurance as well as a day’s training on the water to help make the purchase of their boat as seamless and easy for them as possible.  We even managed to squeeze it into their temporary storage space with just 20cm to spare on either side! 

We wish Nina and Jeff many years of happy Beneteau Boating.