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Sunpower 44 | $3,500,000

Exterior View



Interior View


Deck Experience


The SUNPOWER CHARTER 44 delivers sleek, elegant and eco-friendly cruising in a superb package.

Utilising cutting-edge solar technology, the SUNPOWER CHARTER 44 is a high performance vessel that’s also exceptionally quiet and smooth. It’s the smart choice for superior and sustainable ocean exploring.


Sunpower Solar Electric Yachts are powered with a solar electric propulsion system that can cruise up to 100kms a day without fuel.

This gives you an unlimited range at low speeds from approximately 4-6 knots and ensures you have clean-air cruising.

The yacht’s solar system charges the battery banks that powers the e-motors on the yacht. The short-term top speed is approximately 20 knots with specific selected propulsion systems.

The system will also power all in-house appliances like the fridge, stove, cooktop, water makers, television, lights and air-conditioning, to fulfil all energy needs on board.


The SUNPOWER CHARTER 44 provides optimal comfort with zero emissions.

Solar panels are integrated in the roof, so there is no wind-load on them. The batteries and electric-motors are inside the boat in a dry and safe place. All wiring is tin-covered and all plugs are specially designed for marine operation. All parts exposed to the marine environment are made of corrosion-resistant materials.

All lighting and electrical appliances can be connected to the solar setup, so there is no need for fuel generators. Additionally, the yacht’s watermakers can produce up to 3,000L of drinking water per day.

All components are virtually free of maintenance, too. So, the operating-costs are much lower than on a comparable conventionally powered catamaran.

➢ 100% Solar Powered
➢ Unlimited Cruising Range
➢ Lifetime Maintenance-free Motors
➢ Noiseless and Fume-less Luxury Navigation
➢ No Heat Build-up
➢ Highest Quality Materials & Craftsmanship
➢ Safest Marine Propulsion System
➢ 25-year Solar Panels Warranty
➢ 8-year Battery Banks Warranty

Huge Reduction $3,900,000 Now $3,500,000



LOA  – 13.4
Beam – 7.2
Draft – 0.75
Power  – 2 x 30 KW / 2 x 80 KW / 2 x 135 KW e-motors
LED lights throughout
4 burner induction cooktop
Waste water – 1 x 250 (2 x 250 option)
Fuel – 250 – 500
Fresh Water – 2 x 250 (2 x 400 option)
CE Cert: A = 12, B = 12, C = 16, D = 20
Light Displacement – 11t
Shore power
Fridge or side-by-side fridge/ freezer (depending on version)